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Our personnel have performed hundreds of testing and monitoring projects around the world. This experience is apparent in the efficient services we provide and the instrumentation that we have developed and use on our projects.

About us

About us

Shanghai inspire iot Technology Co. Ltd., is a company dedicated to Internet applications in the field of civil engineering company, mainly manages the content of structure detection and health monitoring technology research and development of software and hardware products...

In the past few years, our own products have been applied in many projects and have achieved excellent results. At present, more than 30 kinds of products suitable for use in the field of civil construction have been developed and completed. Considering that the products in the market are mixed, some products have excellent performance but the price is high, and some products are inexpensive but almost unusable. We are determined to share our research results with customers who need to use related products in the market to provide you with the great and more Accurate, more cost-effective equipment, and provide the more advanced equipment for everyone.

Application Fields

  • bridge

  • tunnel

  • building

  • dam